Robbie and Geoff Roepstorff with Governor and Mrs. DeSantis

Roepstorffs Honored during State of the State Address

Our bank’s CEO and President Geoff and Robbie Roepstorff were recognized by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis during his 2020 State of the State Address.

While addressing his commitment to removing invasive pythons from the Everglades through the recently announced Python Bowl and other initiatives, he saluted the Roepstorffs for being avid volunteer python hunters in their non-banking hours.

Our local NBC affiliate carried the story at the :50 second mark on this link:


L-R: Robbie Roepstorff, Governor and Mrs. DeSantis, Geoff Roepstorff


Governor gallery

State of the State Address


Governor gallery

Geoff and Robbie Roepstorff stand to be honored by Governor DeSantis at State of the State Address

January 13th, 2020 |News

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