Who We Are

We don’t disregard tradition…we reinvent it!

Like Thomas Edison, we believe there is always a better way. We take the foundations of good banking – personalized services, meaningful relationships, and a smile with each handshake – and we build upon them to create innovative banking solutions for modern users. That’s reinventing tradition.

Founded in 1997, Edison National Bank, and its Bank of the Islands offices, is the oldest locally owned and managed independent community bank in Lee County. Dedicated to providing genuine personal services and on-site decision making, we have an undeniable interest in the future growth and well-being of the community we serve. We are also proud to provide our community with the additional stability and resources of an FDIC insured nationally chartered bank, Standing Strong with Money to Lend!

A Month in the Life of Edison's Customer Service

The Concierge at our Cleveland Avenue office had an interesting idea. During the course of four weeks, she took a moment to jot down customer comments whenever time permitted.  We found their kind words to be very gratifying, and wanted to share them as a way of saying thank you – thank you to our customers for choosing Edison National Bank, and thank you to our staff members who make customer satisfaction their top priority.

From our Customers –

“We have lived around the country and used many banks, but there never has been another bank like Edison National Bank.”

“We enjoy coming in.  It’s always a pleasure to come into Edison National Bank.”

“This is such a nice bank.  Everyone is so friendly.”

“This is a beautiful bank.”

A couple came in and said, “We just came from another bank where we stood and waited and waited in a long line.  We overheard a customer in line tell the manager they came in for a wire transfer and the manager said he would set up an appointment for them to come back in two days for the wire transfer.  Can you imagine a customer must wait two days for a wire transfer?”

 “We left because the service was awful.  We got tired of standing in the long line and came across the street to Edison National Bank to open a new checking account.”  Our concierge thanked them for coming in and asked them to please be seated and a CSR would be right with them.  “Oh!  You have chairs for us to sit in while we wait?”  Wife nudges husband, “We have come to the right bank!” Our concierge offered them fresh baked cookies, coffee, or bottled water, to which the wife exclaimed: “You have cookies for your customers?  Thank you!!”

“We love this bank.  We just love it here.  You have no idea how much we love this bank.”

“ALL the people in the bank are so nice.”

“I love your bank.”

“You don’t get service like this anywhere else.”

“We’ve been treated in a respectful manner.”

“I know it’s Edison National Bank by the sweet, pleasant voice on the telephone.”

 “I come in just for the cookies.”

“Your CSRs* are great!”   [*Customer Service Representatives]

And One More Comment from one of our Vendors:

“Everyone I talk to in the bank is so nice.  Whenever I see a ticket order come up for Edison National Bank, I respond to Edison first because every person I talk to is just amazing.”

We’d like to think good vendor relationships like this help Edison’s bankers deliver the best in prompt and responsive service for our customers.