Edison National Bank
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Our Professionals
David DuVall - Chairman

David DuVall

Chairman of the Board

Geoff Roepstorff - Chief Executive Officer

Geoff Roepstorff

Chief Executive Officer

Robbie Roepstorff - President

Robbie Roepstorff


Patrick Philbin - Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Patrick Philbin

Executive Vice President
Chief Financial Officer

Joan Welter Salustro - Chief Operations Officer

Joan Welter-Salustro

Senior Vice President
Chief Risk Management Officer

Lenor Kinsinger - Senior Vice President, Retail Administrator

Lenor Kinsinger

Senior Vice President
Director of Information Systems

Susan Nasworthy - Senior Vice President, Retail Administrator

Susan Nasworthy

Senior Vice President
Retail Administrator

Lenor Mason - Senior Vice President, Deposit Operations

Karen Brazelton

Vice President
Loan Operations

Lisa Hobson - Vice President, Credit Administration

Lisa Hobson

Vice President
Credit Administrator

June Howard - Assistant Vice President Deposit Operations

June Howard

Vice President
Deposit Operations

Sandy Tarquino - Human Resources

Sandy Tarquino

Human Resources

Kim Nyberg - Vice President, Professional & Executive Banking

Kim Nyberg

Vice President
Professional & Executive Banking

Pam Edwards - Vice President, Lending

Pam Edwards

Vice President

Elizabeth “Liz” Aurensan - Vice President, Lending

Elizabeth “Liz” Aurensan

Vice President

Rob Lisenbee - Vice President, Lending

Rob Lisenbee

Vice President

John Ammons - Vice President, Office Manager, Cleveland Avenue

John Ammons

Vice President
Office Manager
Cleveland Avenue

Leah Kirby - Vice President, Office Manager, River District

Leah Kirby

Vice President
Office Manager
River District

Willy Ocasio - Assistant Vice President, Sanibel & Captiva Office Manager

Willy Ocasio

Vice President
Office Manager
Sanibel & Captiva Islands

Darrin Grotrian- Sanibel Captiva Assistant Office Manager

Darrin Grotrian

Assistant Vice President
Assistant Office Manager
Sanibel & Captiva Islands