Online & Mobile Banking

To bank anywhere and everywhere download the Edison National Bank Mobile Banking free mobile app for your device and log in with your OnLine AnyTime User ID and password. If you’re not an OnLine AnyTime banking user, please visit one of our conveniently located offices to enroll.

Online Banking

Enjoy easy online access to your accounts with OnLine AnyTime. Your accounts are easier to manage than ever. Whether you are checking a balance, transferring to savings or setting up a series of payments, our OnLine AnyTime has you covered.

Mobile Banking

Banking anytime, anywhere! Mobile banking is easier and more convenient than ever by using your Apple or Android mobile device.
Mobile Banking allows you to transact your banking business anytime, from anywhere. Customers can view account balances and transactions, initiate account transfers, make deposits and pay bills.
Mobile Banking provides access to the following:

  • View Account Balances
  • View Transaction History
  • Transfer Funds between accounts
  • Pay Bills
  • Pay a Person
  • Authorize ACH and wires (cash management customers only)
Mobile Deposit

Make Deposits anytime, anywhere! Deposit checks directly from your Apple or Android mobile device simply by taking a picture from your tablet or phone’s camera.

  • Deposit checks securely into your account by taking a photo.
  • Experience the convenience of utilizing state-of-the-art technology.
  • Funds from mobile deposits are generally available for withdrawal on the next business day after the day we receive your deposit. See FAQ below for details.
Consumer Bill Pay

Consumer Bill Pay gives you the ability to manage and pay your bills all in one place.

  • eBills
  • Pay a Person
  • Expedited payments


Business Bill Pay

Manage back-office duties more effectively and run your business more efficiently. Pay multiple invoices at once, approve transactions, set up recurring payments, track spending and more.

Business Bill Pay Demo

MyCardRules – Enroll NOW

Download for Adnroid Download for iPhone

Take full control of your cards

We are proud to introduce the free MyCardRules™ app which gives you the power to make the rules of how, when, where – and WHO uses your cards.

What is MyCardRules?

MyCardRules is an easy-to-use mobile app that lets you set controls, add restrictions, receive customized alerts about your card, and more. This secure and highly-encrypted app adds another layer of fraud protection and prevention, and gives you added peace of mind.

  • Turn your card on or off
  • Set transaction spending limits based on your preferences, including dollar amount, transaction type and merchant type
  • Get instant alerts on certain types of transactions, like when a transaction is declined
  • Set a specific region where the card can be used or restrict usage based on your mobile device’s location

Get started now

Simply download the MyCardRules application from Google Play or the App Store on your mobile device.  You will then set a wide range of controls and alerts on all of your cards.

After you download the MyCardRules app, select ‘New User’ and then enter your card information to begin registration. You will need to provide:

  • Card Number
  • Expiration Date
  • Billing Zip Code
  • Security Code (found on the back of the card)

Next, you will create a username and password. Once you have created your account, you can log in and access the ‘Card Details’ screen. From this screen you can:

  • Turn card controls on/off
  • Set controls
  • Manage alert preferences
  • View recent transactions and more

*Message and Data Rates May Apply.

Note: Our previous service for debit card text alerts, SMS Guardian, has been discontinued. Please download the MyCardRules app to continue receiving security alerts for your Edison National Bank debit card transactions

Mobile Banking – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Mobile Deposit Banking?

Call or visit with one of our Customer Service Representatives, who will obtain the necessary information to get you started.

What if there is a problem with the check after it is submitted through my mobile device?

We will contact you through the email address you provided if there is a problem with the deposited check.

When are my mobile deposit funds available?

Funds are generally available on the next business day after the day of your deposit, unless a hold is applied. If a hold will be applied, we will contact you by email to advise you. Common reasons for applying a hold are 1) indications that the deposited check may not pay, 2) a deposited check was returned unpaid or 3) frequent overdrafts.

Is there a fee for Mobile Deposit Banking?

There is no fee to utilize this service. Your wireless carrier may assess you fees for data or text messaging services.

What is the cut-off time for deposits made through Mobile Deposit Banking?

The cut-off time for same business day deposit is 7 pm Eastern Standard Time. If you transmit your check after the cut-off time on any business day, we will review and process your check deposit on the next business day. (Business days are Monday through Friday, excluding Federal Holidays)

Is there a limit to the number of checks deposited through Mobile Deposit Banking?

There is a limit of five deposits per day and only one check can be deposited per transaction. There is a dollar amount threshold for daily and monthly deposit volume.

Is there a dollar limit threshold when depositing checks through Mobile Deposit Banking?

The daily limit for depositing through your mobile device is $2,000 per day, with a maximum monthly total amount of $5,000.

What do I do with the paper check?

After depositing your check through your mobile device, we ask that you notate ‘mobile deposit’ and date of the deposit on the top of your check. Should the original check be required for any reason, please secure the check for 10 days, then destroy it.

What type of checks can I deposit through Mobile Deposit Banking?

Checks must be payable and endorsed by you (or a joint account holder) and not post dated. You can deposit checks drawn on any U.S. bank that are payable in U.S. dollars. Checks not eligible for mobile deposit are international checks, U.S. Postal money orders, travelers checks, remotely created checks and U.S. Savings Bonds

How does Mobile Deposit Banking work?

After you have enrolled, you will simply select the Deposit option within your mobile banking service; take a picture of the front and back of your endorsed check with your mobile device; enter the dollar amount of the check, choose the account where you want the deposit; and then select ‘Deposit Check’. You will receive a confirmation on your mobile device, as well as, a confirmation to the email address you provided us

Who is eligible for Mobile Deposit Banking?

Mobile Deposit Banking is available to consumers and businesses who have maintained checking accounts in good standing.

What is Mobile Deposit Banking?

Mobile Deposit Banking is a service that integrates with Mobile Banking allowing you to make a deposit directly into your eligible checking or savings account using the Edison National Bank App on supported Apple and Android mobile devices.

Can Cash Management users release ACH batches, wires and pay bills if they are authorized to do so in the traditional OnLine AnyTime site?

Yes, Single Sign-On cash users can utilize mobile banking to initiate balanced ACH batches, pay bills and initiate wires if authorized to do so in the traditional site.

Can Cash Management users create an ACH batch, wires or bill payments?

Cash Management users may set up bills for payment, however, users cannot create an ACH batch or set up wires via mobile banking. 

What if I can’t get my mobile device to work with Internet Banking?

There are a number of reasons that you may experience trouble accessing the mobile version of internet banking on your phone. To use the mobile version, your phone needs to meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Your mobile device must be web enabled.
  • Your mobile network must allow secure SSL traffic. (You may need to contact your mobile provider to determine this.)
When I try to enter an amount for a bill payment or transfer, I can’t enter any numbers, only letters. Why?

Check your phone’s settings to make sure you don’t have Alpha-only enabled on the keypad.

How do I delete a Bill Payment that I initiated through my mobile device?

You must log in to OnLine AnyTime and delete the payment from the main menu of the Bill Pay module.

Can I use any mobile device to access my accounts?

Yes. You can access your accounts via any mobile device that is web-enabled and allows secure SSL traffic. The only difference is that SMS text messages will be sent to the phone number entered when enrolling for mobile banking, not necessarily the device from which you perform a transaction.

What do I need to do if I get a new phone?

If you simply get a new phone but keep the same phone number and provider, no changes on your part are necessary. If you switch providers and/or phone numbers, log in to your OnLine AnyTime account via the Internet and update your information on the Options >Mobile Settings page. 

What if I no longer want to be a Mobile Banking user?

Log in to OnLine AnyTime > Select Options Mobile Settings > Deselect Activate Mobile Banking Access > Click Agree. 

What is the cost for Mobile Banking Service?

The Mobile Banking Service is provided at no charge to you. However, your wireless carrier may assess you fees for data. 

How do I enroll to become a Mobile Banking user?

Download the Edison National Bank app from the ‘Apple’ store or ‘Android’ store;  or log in to OnLine AnyTime > Select Options > Mobile Settings > Web Mobile Banking > Enable Web Access then continue to select receive/not receive text message alerts, enter mobile phone number, select provider, select accounts to access via web.  Click Submit. 

What functions can I perform from my mobile device?

Mobile Banking provides the customers access to the following:

  • View Transaction History
  • View Account Balances
  • Transfer Funds between accounts
  • Pay Bills to payees
  • Release ACH and wires (cash management customers only)
What are the restrictions on the type of mobile devices that can be used to access accounts?

The mobile solution is phone device agnostic. It works with any web-enabled mobile phone device whose network allows secure SSL traffic.